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Satoshi Nakamoto and the usual Suspects

Who Satoshi Nakamoto is?

The question is, who is behind the invention of the crypto-currency Bitcoin, is probably one of the greatest mysteries of our time and will probably never be resolved.

He is Japanese, American or other country man? He is, perhaps, not a “He” but a “she”, or even a collective of people? Also the US-American intelligence services NSA and CIA will always be brought back into the various conspiracy theories with the invention of crypto-currency. Since the publication of the Bitcoin whitepaper in October 2008, and especially since his last known message to the “outside world” in April 2011, the tendrils of the various speculations and myths about the identity of this pseudonym.

“I’m going to go on to other things. It’s all in good hands with Gavin & co.”

– Satoshi Nakamoto’s last known e-mail.

The “usual Suspects”

This article aims to bring you the closest circle of “usual Suspects”.

1.Nick Szabo

He is considered THE Top-favorite for the role of the Bitcoin inventor. Although he denies has always been Satoshi to be Nakamoto, but there is some circumstantial evidence contradict this. First of all, Nick Szabo has a gifted computer scientist, is surely the necessary Know-How to be the Creator of the Whitpapers. In 1996, the Computer genius has already published his thoughts on the so-called “Smart Contracts” which today, in many Blockchain systems (especially in the case of Ethereum) have an important role. Be particularly suspicious of a back in 1998 (ten years before the publication of the concept paper for “Bitcoin”) by him devised model called “Bit Gold”, which is in its basic features to the Bitcoin very similar. Szabo also described a digital, cryptography-based currency that is managed in a decentralised way. He wanted to contribute with this invention, that Transfers can be handled without a middleman, i.e. a Bank to Embezzlement of funds to counteract.
Another factor is that Nick Szabo, in contrast to other members of the “Cypher-punk”movement [A group of cryptographers and (Computer-) activists, which since the 1980s has been in e-mail lists and Internet forums organized] never in direct contact with Satoshi Nakamoto… maybe because he could only write a bad with yourself?!? Other (also suspicious) Cypher punks like Hal Finney or Wei Dai during the development phase and after the publication of the white paper, in a lively exchange with Nakamoto.
Many people chalk Szabo in addition to his long Silence on Bitcoin as suspicious behavior. He spoke for a long time at all to an invention that is quite clearly built on his model, his ideas. Only after the Disappearance of Nakamoto in the year of 2011, Nick started to mention this in more detail in his writings and texts.
The last and, for many people, strongest note Szabo supplied with the publications and writings. A group of linguists, Aston University compared more than 40 he has written academic texts with the Bitcoin white paper in terms of linguistic Similarities. The researchers came to the conclusion that the Similarities in the writing styles between Satoshi Nakamoto and Nick Szabo are striking. You assume that Szabo has probably written large parts of (or even all) of the Bitcoin whitepaper.

2. Hal Finney

In Harold Thomas Finney II (“Hal”) is a Cypher-punk, a software developer, the first recipient of a Bitcoin transaction, and the – next to Satoshi – only known and mentioned by name the developer of Bitcoin. Many theories claim it was Finney and Nakamoto are one and the same Person. He denied this until his, the disease caused death in the year 2014, however energetic. The Finney, at the time of the development of Bitcoin in the neighborhood of a certain “Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto” lived, is for some people a clear indication of his alter-Ego, for others it’s just a stupid coincidence.
That Hal Finney is as an individual Satoshi Nakamoto, respectively, may be – in my opinion – strongly denied, and his contributions to Bitcoin are, however, forever remain his legacy, and to him the credit of.

3. Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto

After the American weekly magazine Newsweek the Japanese – Americans in June 2014, allegedly the inventor of Bitcoin, unmasked, is this for some (few) people as the “face of Bitcoin”. Of the retired and substitute teacher Nakamoto, she said, but always, he had nothing to do with crypto-currencies on the hat and it must be a mix-up As he in the subsequent period, often of journalists besieged, he directed finally, even legal steps against the publication of the Newsweek . He really is for the Whitepaper of Bitcoin responsible, is now regarded as extremely unlikely.

4. Craig Steven Wright

The Australians and today’s driver of the Altcoins Bitcoin Cash is considered to be anything other than modest, and so astonished his in the year 2016, the assertion that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, but only a few. For the press, this statement was still a virgin, and Wright was able to draw attention to themselves. Since a lot of people had doubts as to his credibility, demanded a proof of the Australian, his claim to substantiate. As a proof of Craig Wright, then finally some old blog posts of 2013, the proof turned out to be later, however, as fake as they were back dated. Since then only the least faith in the truthfulness in his claim that he was Satoshi Nakamoto.

5. American secret service NSA and the

During the Search for the real Satoshi Nakamoto one encounters again and again the (conspiracy) theory that there is a Team of cryptographers in the secret service of the National Security Agency (NSA), in conjunction with experts from the University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (mit) . Already in 1996, it published a concept paper on an anonymous, Krpytographie-based digital money (“How to make a Mint: The cryptography of anonymous Electronic Cash”).
Since the Bitcoin Blockchain is completely transparent, many suspect that the American government wanted to get more control and insight into the finances of its citizens. Suspicious appears that just over a decade after the publication of the NSA/white paper the Bitcoin of a Pseudonym created and sent to an American programmer (Gavin Andresen) was passed, the then worked together in the end even with the Establishment and presentations at CIA headquarters in Langley, VA.


Finally only the question remains, why Satoshi Nakamoto is, or was. Why fight or so against the fame? There could be a variety of reasons. Alone in his enormous amount of Bitcoin, worth several billion dollars could make him a target for criminals. May be he cares not for money or fame, and wanted to help mankind to a better world. In any case, the invention of Bitcoin has enormous potential around the world and who brought us this change, ultimately, will probably never be resolved.

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