Russia: ‘Arrested Russians carried out in the Netherlands only routineklus’

Sergey Lavrov

Sergey Lavrov, the Russian minister of Foreign Affairs, said Monday that the four Russians who by the Netherlands, the country were turned off not were working on a spy-mission. According to him, they carried out only a ‘routineklus’.

‘After the foursome was arrested and expelled, we have no formal complaint received from the Dutch government,” added Lavrov them.

He spoke at a press conference in Moscow, which he co-invested with the Italian minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs made maandachtochtend known that the Dutch ambassador in Moscow to account for this want to cry about what a desinformatiecampagne against Russia.”

Cyber attack

The Dutch government informed last week that the april attack could have off of Russian spies. The foursome was to The Hague, traveled to the computer network of the International Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to hack. After their arrest the four expelled.

At a press conference said Ank Bijleveld, the Dutch minister of Defence, that the hackers are part of the Russian military unit 26165’. That group falls under the military intelligence Group, and has several aliases, including “Tsar Team,” Fancy Bear ” and – the generally accepted – APT 28.

The Russian embassy in The Hague, called the allegations last week, ‘reckless’. “It has become tradition that there is no evidence for such claims,” so there. The Russians say that the new allegations are part of ” the anti-Russian campaign by the government of the United Kingdom is conducted.’

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