ROSSANA KLUIVERT: “Sure, I’m afraid’

With their benefietdiner have Rossana and Patrick Kluivert of 200,000 euros was raised for the Kluivert Dog Rescue Center, that is currently on Curaçao is built. From 7 november the whole project on tv channel TLC.

With their benefietdiner in Amsterdam, ROSSANA (45) and PATRICK KLUIVERT (42) last weekend of 200,000 euros was raised. The proceeds will be donated to the Kluivert Dog Rescue Center, that is currently on Curaçao is built. “It was a great evening with an even greater result. I’m everyone so grateful. This was me never worked and it is amazing to see how everyone is me supports. Not only tonight, but throughout the entire project. I receive so many donations and help from people, both family, friends but also other stakeholders and volunteers,” says Rossana.

The event was organised to ensure that the construction of the centre not coming to a standstill. Had the former stylist, her friends asked to have items available for the auction. Among others, MARTIN GARRIX, LIEKE MARTENS, JIM BAKKUM and of course her own husband Patrick contributed to the auction. So it was offered to the Champions League final with Patrick and VIP tickets for an evening with Martin Garrix during Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

Rossana dream for years to own a shelter to open on Curaçao, and this past summer, the construction of the complex has actually started. TLC sends from november 7, the series Rossana Kluivert: On a Mission, where to see is how they have this huge project done. The day after the charity flew Patrick to Cameroon, where he after his departure as technical director of football club Paris Saint-Germain works as an assistant of coach CLARENCE SEEDORF. “Personally, I fly back tomorrow to Barcelona,” says Rossana. “The advantage of Patrick’s new job is that it is a dignity at work. That means that he not every day, but project-based work. He is so much at home. That can now not be otherwise, because I am sick and he will be there for our son SHANE.”

The with breast cancer diagnosed Rossana will soon be going under the knife to have her ovaries prophylactically remove it later. By that time Patrick is back in Barcelona. “We have planned it so that he a few hours for my surgery in Spain lands. The doctors think very well with me. Actually it would be the surgery on 8 October to take place, but that we have a few days delay, so Patrick and the rest of the family there. That is not only important for me but also for my father, who lives with us, and of whom I am caregiver. My family will temporarily take care of me take over.”

Rossana shows that it is optimistic and full of energy, but also vulnerable. “At this moment, I can do anything, but I also know that there is a heavy period arrives,” she says, referring to her surgery. “It is a preventive treatment. What I have, you can compare with what, SYLVIE MEIS, who also has had breast cancer: it is a hormone-sensitive tumor. Now that is removed, do I get hormone therapy and five years of medication. The doctors thought it wise to also have my ovaries removed since that it is related. I’ve just had 21 radiation treatments behind it, but I actually wanted this all to Curacao travel. The doctors were not, so I the whole team months have slowed down. Immediately after that they wanted this surgery, but I have asked them if I please in between still to the island of if. Went there, they agree, because it is a preventive operation.”

The preventive removal of the ovaries occurs, the transition is acute. Rossana is there sober. “I collect now the ribbon,” she says with a big smile. “Of course I have already lymphoma. Before that, I have so many chemo’s that I already have a bit in the transition. Of course, I’m also afraid in the night, but it does not make sense to throw in the towel. I still have a chance? We do just that surgery and then we’ll see further. On good luck.

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