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Litecoin founder: Bitcoin with Lightning network Satoshi’s Vision.

Litecoin founder: Bitcoin with Lightning network Satoshi’s Vision.

Home News Litecoin founder: Bitcoin with Lightning network is Satoshi’s Vision.

Marcel Knobloch –

The eternal debate as to the true Bitcoin of Satoshi’s Nakamato “realized” s Vision, is a perpetual bestseller in the crypto scene. The founder of Litecoin tried to explain why Bitcoin, including the Lightning network, this Vision comes.

Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin, announced via Twitter why he thinks Bitcoin is along with the ever-growing Lightning Network (LN), the original concept of Bitcoin, as Satoshi’s Nakamaotos white paper. Although the LN did not exist at the time of introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, it expanded the functions of Bitcoin to function as a fully decentralized Peer-to-Peer payment network.

Technically, the LN is a payment Protocol that on a Blockchain works, and transactions outside of the Main-Chain handles. Thus, bottlenecks in the case of the miners can be effectively bypassed, so that the transaction is confirmation immediately.

The team of developers describes that the LN can handle successful implementation and dissemination of millions to billions of transactions per second on the network, making Bitcoin could be back as a “legitimate means of payment” is much more of a focus of some of the States, since it has no bottlenecks or the like, that a work could be the money value system in the way.

Lee sums up in short why Bitcoin brings an intrinsic value and as a means of payment is suitable (freely translated):

You have not made a new Form of money that can be spending blocked, reversed or taken away, can not be forged and is not depreciated. These four properties of Bitcoin make it very valuable.

Those interested can read on Twitter all of 6 arguments.

Another Prominent the scene of the speaker of Bitcoin Cash, Roger Ver, also claims to realize the Vision of Nakamoto. He argues that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, but the value is in the eye of the beholder and not in the object itself.

Until today has not found out who is the true founder of Bitcoin. Although there are indications that the CIA and the NSA have determined the identity, however this information will continue to be kept under lock and key.

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