’Kanye West has this week meeting with Donald Trump’

Kanye performs this in the footsteps of his wife Kim Kardashian, who in may went to visit the president to advocate for the release of the inmate, Alice Marie Johnson. In June, president Donald Trump grace to the 63-year-old woman who 21 years in a prison in Alabama, was for a relatively light drugsdelict.

According to the newspaper discusses Kanye West a similar issue with the president, since Kushner is in the White House deals with the reform of the criminal law. Kanye would at Kushner want to advocate for better prospects and jobs for ex-prisoners. With Trump would Kanye go about creating more jobs in Chicago, where the rapper grew up.

It is not the first time that Kanye and Trump shaking hands. In 2016, they met each other in the Trump Tower in New York. Kanye supports Trump for years. Recently, he wore a ‘Make America Great Again’-pet, the slogan that Trump the White House conquered. During his campaign, he wore often the same kind of pet.

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