Jim Bakkum singing for Oss: ’hardest thing I’ve ever done’

In Theatre De Lievekamp, the four children, Fleur, Chris, and Dana Liva commemorated with songs like Somewhere over the rainbow, and emotional speeches. Certainly five hundred Ossenaren, aid workers and local politicians were present and heard under more Jim Bakkum singing. “The hardest thing I’ve ever done,” he says, then at RTL. “I will never forget it.”

He comes just when the parents of the victims come from, audibly excited. “That was very heavy. I found it quite interesting to look into the faces for whom we have done it, but that was… well… not normal.”

Jim had ’zero doubt’ when he was asked to act during the commemoration, but that was during the singing of his mind off. “Then I broke completely, but I want that song just to be fully able to sing.”

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