How close is Frances Lefebure with Donald Trump?

Each week proves to Frances Lefebure in Make Belgium Great Again how ‘great’ our country actually is. Last week launched the program with an emoji against online hate, which since then has been massively used. Already a step in the right direction, but unfortunately Frances is not yet anyone can convince you of how ‘great’ our country still is. The American president Donald Trump called Belgium is a beautiful city and it called for Brussels to ‘hell hole’. The team of Make Belgium Great Again is on Tuesday 9 October far – just a little too far – to him of the contrary to convince. They can Trump convince you that Brussels does have great?

Step 1 in the master plan to the president to get: The White House contact. US-correspondent, Greet De Keyser believes in the chances of success and thus begins Frances full of good hope on her belronde. But the president also is effective on the line? Frances would Frances have not been she could not even go a step further to call the attention of the president to withdraw. Just before his visit to Brussels, the team’s night, the city with stickers of Trump in a tricolore underpants. “Because we know from experience that Trump does not respond quickly, but if you have a little bit with him smiling”, what it sounds like. The European quarter, stations, Rue de la loi, NATO: all locations must be sacrified. To the action of Frances and her team for the first time really out of hand, is threatening to walk…

Dead moments in the elevator: we know it all. “Suddenly the doors open and a complete stranger ready to be in your comfort zone steps,” said Frances. “We go as far as possible from each other, each in our own corner, pick up the mobile phone and do everything still but no eye contact.” Of those embarrassing silences wishes to Frances. And there, she has her own creative method for found. Her motto? “Silence is awkward, play is gold.”

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