Hackers North Korea to steal 100 million

NEW YORK – A North Korean computer hacker group has tried to make sure 1.1 billion dollars to steal from different banks worldwide. According to research from the American cyberveiligheidsorganisatie FireEye Inc. it is the hackers managed to get in four years time, 100 million dollars to steal.

According to FireEye, it is clear that the North Korean regime to be behind the hackgroep, which the company APT38 calls. The hackers infiltrated since 2014, more than sixteen organizations in eleven countries, including the United States and Russia.

The hackers managed to along high-security servers of the banks to come to so for a long time in the banking systems to rumble. “What this hackgroep apart is that they are about 155 days to wait before they have the money to steal”, said the cyberveiligheidsorganisatie which emphasized that banks and governments must be wary for this “extraordinary hackgroep.”

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