Florida is bracing itself for hurricane Michael

MIAMI – tropical storm Michael on the Gulf of Mexico attracts in the direction of the United States, has developed into a hurricane. “With maximum speeds of 120 kilometers per hour is Michael now a hurricane of the first category,” reports the American orkaancentrum NHC. Michael is on the road to the American state of Florida.

Michael is now about 220 kilometers oostnoordoostelijk of the coast of the Mexican Cozumel. According to the NHC should the storm increase in strength as he is by the end of Tuesday or Wednesday (check local times) the state of Florida is reached. At that time, would Michael have developed to a hurricane of the third category (with wind speeds up to 178 km per hour).

The governor of Florida, Rick Scott, has the state of emergency was declared in more than twenty areas along the coastline of the state.

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