Continued Secret diary of Hendrik Groen, in the fall of 2019

In the second season, is based on the book as Long as there is life, there are the leading roles again for Kees Hulst and André van Duin.

A sequel was hung since the broadcast of the first season already in the air. With an average huge success of nearly 2.4 million viewers was Henry Green at the end of last year’s best reviewed series since 2011.

Oliehoek suggested earlier that he continued sitting. Omroep MAX-boss Jan Slagter said in January that a new location had to be found, as the home in which the first part is included, has now been demolished.

Friday fell The secret diary of Hendrik Groen twice in the prices during the Golden Calves Gala. The series won in the category Best television drama and Holly was awarded for his role as Henry Green.

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