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Binance donates 100% of its Listing fees

Listing fees are Listing donations

On Monday, the 8.10.2018, issued press release, the Team of Binance, one of the largest Exchanges in the field of crypto-proclaimed currencies that you as of now, the total revenue in Listing fees to charity donations.

In addition, these are also shown, with immediate effect, completely transparent.

Binance want to go according to own statements, as a good example and so by using its own Blockchain-Charity-Foundation the Blockchain to use, in order to ensure a greater common good.

Project teams seeking the listing of your Coins, or Token, can also continue to make proposals of their own, how much money you pay for the listing, or donate now. The Exchange itself will make no proposals or requirements, there will be no minimum fee.

High donations do not automatically mean “Listing”

Teams whose Coins are currently still in the “Review process” and a decision is pending have been informed that you are allowed to customize their application according to the new regulation. A guarantee of a Listing will not be a particularly High donation, however. The decision for this is still under the discretion of Binance.

After Binance has fallen recently, according to a Tweet from your CEO “CZ” in the critique, (take different) fees for the listing of Coins, this step is certainly one of the will make for positive headlines.

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