Belgian police rolls mensensmokkelbende on

BRUSSELS – The Belgian police has a gang of Sudanese human traffickers rolled up. In raids on several addresses were Sunday ten people were arrested, of whom seven formally held. The Public Prosecutor’s office in Brussels regards them as members of a criminal organization.

Photo for illustration.

In the Belgian capital to stay, many migrants who crossed the ocean to England. The gang would daily by about twenty people smuggling for 500 to 2500 euro per person.

It assumes that citizens are the people smugglers “indispensable aid” to grant. The host families would have them knowingly for a place to sleep and transport.

The Belgian citizens ‘ platform for aid to refugees is concerned about the violence that the police would have used it, and wonders if the raids by the bracket. A judge had granted.

In the operation, eight illegal immigrants found. The research went underway in July, when the police are migrants from Sudan and Eritrea found in trucks and wagons, often in “dangerous and deplorable conditions.”

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