André Hazes ready for starting a family: ’A second son seems to me to be so bold’

But also a young daughter he sees. “How fun would that be? That they are out of the shower and daddy than the bow in her hair must do. So yes, very happy!”

André is very happy that between him and Monique now everything is good again. There is also no space for another woman. “I’m a flirt and I have a big mouth. But if you give me just five seconds too long looking, I get red spots in my neck. I’m quite a prude actually. I would never cheating, for I would that of Moon also do not accept it. That you never about me hear, never, never, never, never! I’m not.”

Also in the bedroom it’s still all set between the two, tells the singer in Dutch tv-guide Veronica. “When I’m in bed – that is really not depleted and, after brushing her thingy off, I think, still: what a bombshell I did.”

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