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Agony is finally over

Yves Vanderhaeghe fired as coach of AA Gent

Agony is finally over

As expected came yesterday came to an end the calvarietocht a coach who AA Gent last season from the 14th to the 4th place brought, but the past few months in a fight was involved, that he could never win.

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Yves Vanderhaeghe was truly excited about the way his players him against Genk had abandoned. Jan De Meuleneir/photo news

Yves Vanderhaeghe fired as coach of AA Gent

Agony is finally over

As expected came yesterday came to an end the calvarietocht a coach who AA Gent last season from the 14th to the 4th place brought, but the past few months in a fight was involved, that he could never win.

Gent goes for Dane Jess Thorup

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Frank Buyse, Stefan Smet

Gent ‘Some of the players are sorry to come to say to me, ” had Vanderhaeghe after the horrormatch against RC Genk Sunday evening even the press is given. That was still neatly expressed, internally, it seems around 23 hours that he is very excited by the way his players give him the first half hour of the contest had abandoned. He doesn’t understand: that were the players that the past few weeks behind him had gathered? His bosses know it or not. Chairman Ivan De Witte has just on the main entrance to his manager Michel Louwagie even defended against a couple of hundred seething supporters – at the end is his name chanted, il faut le faire. There is still a few hours gepalaverd about a judgment that is inevitable, they realize. Only at 2.30 o’clock in the morning is the president in bed.

Then in the morning around 10 am again to arrive at the Ghelamco Arena. Michel Louwagie is there already, visible is drawn. The press seeping, the president warns that he has nothing to say. There is top long gathered. There is also called with the coach, but the final decision is still not communicated.

In the meantime, besprken The White and Louwagie on the third floor of the revolt of the supporters of the night before. Louwagie is done but is refined, after almost 28 years as general manager of the Buffalo: “It was a shock, but it is already the fifth time that the supporters are so against me at times.’

Vanderhaeghe just want to say: “I must be here for a meeting’. That is his cynical humor, his face speaks volumes

.Around 14 hours, Patrick Devers, lawyer of AA Gent, to the club. Upon his arrival, nodding in the belly of the stadium a few employees to each other. They understand: “It is of that”. It is becoming clearer, but the chairman of texting around 16 hours that ‘there is still no clarity as is’.


But then it goes fast. Something after 17 hours of driving a Range Roover with license plate YV004 under the barrier of the fenced-off car park. Yves Vanderhaeghe. Besieged by the press, he gets to fight the main entrance of the Ghemaco Arena. He just want to say: “I must be here for a meeting.” That is his cynical humor, his left face speaks volumes. The cases are well prepared, half an hour later, to 17.37 hours tweet Ghent officially “KAA Gent take farewell of Yves Vanderhaeghe”. Yves has a quiet and dignified manner this discharge noted”, The White later to explain.

Newspapers and television stations rush to the message to the fastest way to spread and keep themselves ready at the output for a first response of the ex-coach. Until suddenly someone notices that his Range Roover not more. A Houdini-escape, as he, with ten men on guard at a gated car park, has done it. He wanted to after his arrival a second time to flood by those silly persmeute, was the. Press Vanderhaeghe 1-1, his last match at the Ghelamco Arena was a deserving tie.

dS VIDEO – AA Gent-chairman said that angry fans after failure. The Standard

Even for 18 hours invites communicatiedirecteur Patrick Lips, the journalists in the big media room for an official press release of The White and Louwagie. About the resignation: the ‘lamentabele’ match against Genk did them ” after thinking long and hard about’ decide to ‘a new start’. Although the coach last season in thirty-matching, more points taken than any Gent coach ever. About the near future: ‘There is still a mercato and yes, we are going to be strengthened. We also have the resources for.’

The Sunday so besieged Michel Louwagie also put the hand in his own bosom. “I have made mistakes, but football is not a linear story.’ The White defended him: “The finances, the stadium, the title, third, third and fourth…. Michel deserves everyone admiration.’

Hearty word

Thus, it was already 18.30 and was the press informed. This morning on the training centre in Oostakker technical staff and players, assistant Peter Balette training will lead. The players may actually have a savoury word expect of their president. “They have Sunday not only coach left in the lurch, but the entire club.’

In the meantime, Vanderhaeghe back in Roeselare. In Ostend, he pulled out the next morning quickly, his locker is empty and he was gone. That will now also be the case. And they have yet sorry said.

Gent goes for Dane Jess Thorup

The Buffalo’s have been talking with possible successor of Yves Vanderhaeghe: the Dane Jess Thorup, currently coach of FC Midtjylland.

On the official press release to 18 hours, said chairman Ivan De Witte that for the follow-up of Yves Vanderhaeghe but a ‘long list’ of candidates was and that they hoped even this week a new trainer to be able to imagine. The White gave it also to that Gent for this time would not involve a trainer who is still under contract is approaching: “We don’t want more naive.’ That struck no doubt the departure of Vanhaezebrouck to Anderlecht last year.

He denied, however, the names that have been mentioned: Mazzu, Bölöni and Dury. And Trond Sollied would ‘probably’ won’t be. Barely two hours later it turned out that The White was not immediately referred to a coach in the Jupiler Pro League, but on a foreigner. On the Wikipedia page of Jess Thorup, started at the Danish FC Midtjylland, was already announced: from October 8 coach of AA Gent. Different sources in Denmark confirmed already also the interviews with the 48-year-old Danish coach. Thorup came as a player from Odense, Uerdingen, Wacker Tirol, Esbjerg and HamKam. Then he started his trainersloopbaan in the youth groups of Esbjerg in the Danish national selections to start the work. Since mid-2015, he is a head coach to work at Midtjylland, which he is now the leader in the highest Danish football division.

Thorup is known as a coach who likes a 3-4-3 uses. With Midtjylland, that prides itself on a highly mathematical approach of football, he went three years ago, with a 1-3 win on a visit to Club Brugge in the group stage of the Europa League.

Thorup seems in every case all the way to the top to stand on the ‘long list’ of Ivan The White. About any other possible Scandinavian candidate, the Swedish national coach Janne Andersson, wanted The White only to say that it was ‘a very good coach’. (fbu, td,kvu, ssg, lvdw)

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