Women should charm offensive bets in Farmer seeks Wife

Last week in Farmer seeks Wife – Around The World, you saw how both the farmers as their ladies slowly redeemed hitting their nerves. Now Monday, we can see that most of the women in their turn have found on the farm. But unfortunately soon some of the ladies back home. It is therefore high time for a charm offensive.

Especially Jeroen asks the girls explicitly to show their feelings. “If you feel something for me, show it to me, then I can be a good decision to make.” The girls wíllen be happy in their hearts and minds to see, but the one knows better than the other how to.

In South Africa Manu advice of a good friend of him, because he really know not yet who he will soon disappoint will. He hopes some wise counsel, though he has secretly already a favorite.

Jans cowboy Laura, Stephanie and Romina will meet with his Australian ‘grandparents’ at a dinner party at their home. They themselves are already 54 years of marriage. They share their secret.

In Canada, we worked hard. The honeycombs all need to be cleaned for them in the centrifugeermachine. Great fun for the girls, who love to the sweet honey linger.

In the Norwegian forests to enjoy the Marlies and Emily from the rest, while Jitse hopes to the professional rider Christy a little better acquainted during an outing with his horse. Later the girls meet with Jitses brother and sister-in-law, who is also the step to Norway for love.

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