VAR in the Eredivisie: less penalties, more red

By interference of the VAR is regularly a penalty kick given by the officiating referee, who by his assistant is on that he a violation has been missed or incorrectly assessed.

So yesterday at Willem II-Feyenoord, when Kevin Blom in his earpiece got to hear that he is in violation of Jan-Arie van der Heijden (photo) once again had to watch. That gave Feyenoord (rightly) a penalty kick. However, the presence of the VAR in the Premier league to date, no more penalty’s. In comparison with last season, when there was not yet worked with videoassistentie, after eight rounds even less. In the season 2017/’18 was the ball thirty times on the dot laid. This season that happened so far 27 times.

Remarkable: after eight rounds shared the arbitrators a lot more red cards than last season. When the counter is ten red cards, including five times directly. This season is already nineteen. Twelve times there was no yellow card and had a player directly inrukken.

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