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Three tv tips the end of your weekend soften

Tomorrow is the inexorable again Monday. A female Doctor Who, Jacques Brel, and a well-known strafpleiter try to that realization yet.

1. Belpop

Jacques Brel died forty years ago, reason enough for Canvas to the six-year-old episode of Belpop on the man once more, in greater depth. One of the testimonials is from the recently deceased Charles Aznavour. It was a happy reunion above.

Canvas 21.50-22.45 hours

2. Doctor Who

Start of the tenth season of the iconic scifireeks, for the first time, a woman in the role of The Doctor. That is cause for celebration, only is Jodie Whittaker is a heterosexual white woman, without significant limitation. That could have been better.

BBC 1 19.45-20.45 hours

3. Last chance lawyer New York City

‘The real call Saul’, he calls himself. Howard Meanberg call others to him. Howard Greenberg is just about the most well-known strafpleiter of New York, with a reputation for impossible cases to win (in the meantime already more than 4,000). A documentary series of four episodes is still too short for this phenomenon to grasp.

BBC 2 22.00-22.45 hours

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