The Young prepares three for ’declining birth rate’

Luuk de Jong

The captain of the PSV is in turn is wonderful that he is today, with four teammates in Orange may log.

For the vijftienvoudig international is the now-sliced cake, a ride to the training camp of the national team. For three teammates and thus offers possibilities in the dressing room. “The atmosphere in the group is good, so there is gedold”, laughs The Young.

“Then we say for the joke against Denzel:” So you were there, now?’. And of course we have against him, Pablo (Rosario, ed.) and Steven (Bergwijn, ed.) said that they have a huge declining birth rates can be expected. Eventually, however, expected to hear.”

The Young still know as the day of yesterday, that he in the beginning of 2011 for the first time was called for Orange. “Yes, those are exciting moments that you never forget. Just like the first time that A selection comes up, as I at The County,” says the striker.

Denzel Dumfries in action.

“Those guys have just enforced. They are very dedicated. For the whole team, it’s a sign that we have to go on. Now I hope that they also important. I want to be, of course, always play and always do my best, but I know my role in the Dutch national team also.”

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