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Team death Duquennoy not start in Paris-Tours, a minute of silence deleted

WB Veranclassic Aqua Protect, the crew of the late Jimmy Duquennoy, does not come to the start in Paris-Tours. The Henegouwer died Friday night at his home in Wez-Valvain to a heart failure in his office. There was a minute silence planned for the start, but that was cancelled because the team’s home is left.

Only Saturday morning became the drama of Duquennoy known. The young Waal was not foreseen for Paris-Tours. He had Wednesday with the Sparkassen Münsterland Giro in his last race of the season drove. Duquennoy was going to have with Sally on a vacation to draw and posted Friday afternoon, still on his Facebook page if anyone knew anything about a cruise on the Nile.

“The disaster struck Friday night”, stated Christophe Brandt. The Walloon ex-prof is the manager of the professional continental team in which Duquennoy over the past two years reed. “Sally and Jimmy sat together in the seat. Suddenly he replied, not more. The emergency services could no longer rescue.”

When Lit Saturday morning, the news learned of directeur sportif Frédéric Amorison, he jumped in his car and he drove to the hotel in the near Chartres, where his riders for Paris-Tours, was to be found if one misery. WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic was going to start, but after internal consultation with the riders, it was decided to not to leave. The riders are yet to be established. Christian Prudhomme, Thierry Gouvenou suggested last night all the teams are aware that the 112th edition with a minute of silence begins, in memory of the young professor That minute of silence is now, strangely enough, was cancelled because WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic and her riders have left.

No heart problems

Duquennoy never have the heart to complain. Wednesday was the Sparkassen Münsterland Giro last price. “I was with him in the room,” says Kenny Molly that trainee is on the team. “We have a lot of laughing. He was cheerful, as always. Jimmy was a real atmosphere creator. He had even trained for the latest rates and doubted basically whether he Friday still in Zwevezele would rates, but ultimately he did not. What Jimmy has happened, is the proof that the with everyone can happen,” says Molly that last night with some of the riders gathered together for the first blow of the departure of Duquennoy in group process.

“We are Wednesday, together returned from Germany,” said directeur sportif Frédéric Amorison. “He felt very good. Jimmy was a great guy. He was the friend of the masses. This terrible news will be unbearable for the colleagues in both Paris-Tours races, the Tour of Turkey traveled.”

Duquennoy knew it was only this week that his contract with WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic after two seasons would not be renewed. “He responded, rather relieved at this news. He was planning to go somewhere with a bit of work to find and would the next year in a amateurploeg driving in France. It seemed to him a new challenge, a new life.” That Friday night suddenly ceased.

Duquennoy won no profkoers, but was in Paris-Roubaix in the flight of the day, in the course of his dreams. It was the day that Michael Goolaerts died, the 23-year-old prof of Veranda’s Willems-Crelan, in full course. Almost to the day a half years later, lose our country to a second cycling professional by heart failure.

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