Science, nature and sports now available in HD on Proximus TV!

Good news! As of October 18, the HD versions of Eurosport 1, Sport10 and Discovery Channel in the basic service of Proximus TV. So, that means that you can enjoy razor-sharp images of the world’s rarest natural phenomena and of your favourite sports.

On Discovery you can visit for Alaskan Bush People, a reality show about a family in which the hard life in the Us state of Alaska defies. Chasing Classic Cars is indispensable feed for lovers of old classic cars.

Eurosport 1 is the sports channel of choice, which, since 1989, a range of 100 different sports such as football, tennis, motor sports, judo and swimming, provided expert commentary.

On SPORT10 do you look for sports programs that start where other stations stop. The station takes you in the backstage of popular sports and let disciplines are less on the other channels. Include auto racing, boxing and badminton to get a place in the zendschema.

Discovery HD and Discovery are as of October 18, the channels 90 and 92 in the basic offer of Proximus TV. Eurosport 1 HD you will be able to view on channel 661, SPORT10 HD on 666.

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