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Museum pass takes flying start

The museum pass takes off to a flying start. Two weeks after its launch, the cape of twenty thousand copies have been removed. Sixty percent of that is in Flanders sold.

Holders of a museum pass, meanwhile, can visit a network of 120 museums in Belgium. Who for fifty euro a only buys, can be a year long to your heart’s content the connected museums. There is one exception: for temporary blockbusters with higher inkomprijzen museums, a supplement questions.

The system has already for years, major acclaim in the Netherlands and is now also the Belgian art lovers to charm. Mid-may, there was already a prelancering to the concept of a ‘museum pass’ to introduce. When had forty museums the jump already been made, and names many other for later.

Now all of the major museums in the network. Among them, all city museums such as Smak (Ghent), the Mas (Antwerp), Museum M (Leuven) and the groeninge Museum (Bruges). Among the 120 connected museums are also a lot of smaller and regional museums. The range is now wide enough for a diverse audience.

In may, six thousand passes in advance. The were collector’s items with designs from six artists. Since the official launch two weeks ago, there are around 14,000 fit extra sold.

‘There are three sales channels, ” says director Julie Van der Heyden. ‘The largest share, 42 percent, is purchased online. That are interested in a pass which they use as suits them. 27 percent of the sales goes through the museums. People go to an exhibition and purchase on the spot. With them, purchase, and museum together. 31 percent is distributed via our partners, such as Cera, Bruzz, and Prospektâ.’

Rising revenues

The largest tractors are in museums, with major exhibitions or cultural venues in the spotlight. In Brussels, for example, Bozar, with the expo Beyond Climbs, and Kanal-Centre Pompidou. Also, the Museum for Art and History and sold a lot of museumpassen. In Flanders, the tractors M Museum, the Munch and the rubens house. In Wallonia, the Wellington Museum, Le Grand-Hornu and the Ropsmuseum in Names.

The idea of a museum pass to introduce was of flemish birth. From the outset there was the ambition to make the system nationwide roll-out. By which lead enters Flanders with the figures. ‘About sixty percent of the passes in Flanders is sold, ” says Van der heyden. ‘In Brussels is 25 percent, in Wallonia, 15 percent. Taking into account that the population is Wallonia are still somewhat below expectations.’

Not only interested individuals purchase a museum pass. There are sign companies that are the benefit of their employees cultural to spoil. They buy in packets between fifty and two hundred copies. With 20,000 museumpassen in a short time is the goal of 50,000 adjust after one year is within range.

When the system starts, such as in the Netherlands, both the public outreach as the museuminkomsten rise. The netherlands sold in 2009 670.000 fit, in 2015, there were already 1.2 million. The higher number of visitors led to higher revenues for the museums.

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