Melania is not always like tweets of Trump’

The American first lady, Melania Trump, currently on tour in Africa, has Saturday, in front of the media admitted that they are not always happy with the tweets of her husband.

“I’m not always agree with him, and what he is on Twitter, and that I say to him,” says Melania, at her last stop in Egypt, compared to the remainder of journalists. “I tell him honestly my opinion and give him honest advice. Sometimes listen he to me, sometimes not.”

On the question of whether she and her husband already has asked for his smartphone away to explain, replied the first lady is a resounding ‘yes!’. She left in the middle or Trump here due to.

Melania’s visit to Africa is her first soloreis since she together with her husband in the White House and went to live. For Egypt, she visited also Ghana, Kenya and Malawi.

At her visit to the Nairobi National Park, where they are under more of a safari experienced and olifantenkalfjes allowed to feed, it was strange looking up by her choice of a white helmet.

The tropical helmet, made of pith, was in colonial times, worn by the Europeans and was therefore a symbol of the ‘supremacy’ of the white overheerser.

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