Jambers gives a glimpse into Antwerp’s election campaign

CD&V leader, Kris Peeters, which are bags with paper and carton outside turn to his much-discussed apartment on the South, N-VA mayor, Bart De Wever, which reacts to the consequences of the Pano-reportage about Shield & Friends for his party, Open Vld party leader Philippe De Backer, which explains his statement that Weaver “emotionally unfit” to Antwerp to control. The are some notable excerpts in the vtm program ‘Jambers in politics’ that this week’s broadcast.

Tv-maker Paul Jambers has since the beginning of september the seven Antwerp lijsttrekkers followed. The result is four episodes of 50 minutes each over the campaign in Antwerp. In the first episode gives viewers a look behind the scenes of the visit of the Dutch politician Geert Wilders to Filip Dewinter and the Vlaams belang campaign and a uitgeregende campaign action of socialist party PVDA-party leader Peter Mertens.

The pulse of the campaign will determine the direction of the report. So passing in episode one, among others, the cocaïnerel (around the statements of mayor Bart De Wever in De Volkskrant) and the Pano-reportage around Shield & Friends revue. About that report is The Weaver’s pretty sharp. He finds that his party is seen as “guilty by association” and also suggests that the timing of the report is no coincidence.

In his well-known style will Jambers also looking for the “man/woman behind the politician/politician”. If you look, for example, within in the kitchen and living room with Philippe De Backer’s work as secretary of state and leader combines with the young fatherhood.

Also the much talked about relocation of the CD&V-lijsttrekkers Kris Peeters of Puurs for an apartment in Antwerp is discussed. So acknowledge Peeters that the move “is not evident” was for his family and his wife. “The move was certainly not obvious, and to be honest, I what to be underestimated. But we go for it and live here now,” said the party leader of CD&V.

About the Antwerp apartment of Peeters, a lot has been said and written. In order to reinforce that he indeed lives, turn Peeters in the first episode of paper and cardboard on the street for pick up.

The scene is reminiscent of 2014, when Paul Jambers Bart De Wever followed before, during and after the Flemish and federal elections. At the end of a long day, put on The Weaver when the garbage bags outside.

“Jambers in the Politics,” from Tuesday evening at 21.45 hours at VTM.

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