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‘It was fantastic how the Banksy all of us to see, turn’

The auction house Sotheby’s in London hurried to the ‘a milestone in the history of art’. How do the Flemish auction houses to the stunt where Banksy painting ‘Girl with balloon’ immediately fragmented after the afgehamerd was?

The images went around the world: just after Girl with balloon, for 1.4 million pounds at Sotheby’s in London to a new owner was assigned, destroyed the painting, partly to himself. …

The images went around the world: just after Girl with balloon, for 1.4 million pounds at Sotheby’s in London to a new owner was assigned, destroyed the painting, partly to himself. On Instagram showed Banksy how he papierversnipper in the list hidden.

With those few certainties we have it for now. Who is the buyer of the work? Is it Banksy? He Was also present in the auction room, as it suggests? And especially: did the auction house that the work should be destroyed? Sotheby’s, that the self-destructive painting immediately, ‘a milestone in the history of art, “was, said in a press release, in any case, know that it is “surprised” by the self-destruction.


In the Flemish auction houses, there is skepticism. ‘I can’t imagine that Sotheby’s and Banksy not have worked for this stunt, ” says Natan Loeckx of the Ghent-based auction house Loeckx. ‘The frame of Banksy’s work is remarkably thick, and the painting will be through the shredder weigh more than normal. It seems to me crazy that the auction house about to go looking.’

Also Peter Bernaerts, Antwerp, veilinghuis Bernaerts, suspect a one-two between Sotheby’s and Banksy. “I think that’s very plausible,” he says. “But if it really is set up game is, I think, even irrelevant. This is a unique moment in the history of art: he has the Horse of Troy, deep in Troy. Of course, it is a great promostunt, but also a sharp criticism on the veilingwereld and the art trade. He correctly states the questions for the monstrous amounts that are consideration for the top end of the contemporary art. Amazing how he made all of us to see.’

Stefan Campo of auctioneer Campo is less enthusiastic. “I have a what to feeling for,” says Campo. “In my eyes, this is merely a publicity stunt, not a milestone in the history of art. No idea if it’s also with the auction house is agreed, but it makes for sensationalism, and that has Sotheby’s, like always.’

Dangerous game

Art and antiekexpert Patrick van der Vorst, well-known of the Four-program Pieces of people, has 15 years at Sotheby’s in London worked. He organized, among others, the sale of the possessions of the house of Elton John. “I am convinced that no one at Sotheby’s of the stunt. That would be both Sotheby’s as well as for Bansky is a dangerous game. Before you know it, talk to someone of his mouth over and is the effect of surprise road, ” he says on the phone from London. ‘The procedures for a piece in an auction to cross, are very strict at Sotheby’s. Normally ask the auction house in advance always includes a condition report, with detailed information about the work. Here it made the frame part of the artwork, therefore the experts have probably not taken apart.’

Van der Vorst is especially curious about the seller. ‘Is it a friend or just Banksy himself? In 2006 bought a friend of him, so it was always the story. But that battery for the shredder means it never so long.’

According to Sotheby’s, would the new owner still want to pay for the partly destroyed work. ‘That would I, the buyer also recommend: his purchase is now suddenly worth a lot more, ” says Van der Vorst. “The day after the stunt was, at Sotheby’s, a smaller work of Banksy offered: that is also sold for a price that exceeded all expectations. From a commercial perspective, it is therefore a brilliant move.’ But just therein lies also the danger, says Peter Bernaerts. ‘Banksy is now even more in the crosshairs of people that art is purely buy it as a status symbol.’

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