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Freedom of speech-to-ECHO KW 40: Ripple is a crypto-Microsoft and the price of Bitcoin at US $ 15,000

Estimates of Alt-presidents, bullish Bitcoin prospects of the crypto-future of money, a mouth of Musk and of the supposed new star in the technology sky, the freedom of speech to ECHO.

Bill Clinton has apparently recognized the potential of the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology – at least the 42 said. President of the United States is quite positive on the Ripple event Swell in San Francisco. In the Keynote speech at the 1. October called Clinton the potential boundlessness of the new technologies as a crucial condition for their success:

“The Blockchain draws its potential from its countries – and income cross-applicability. Their permutations and possibilities are amazing. We can ruin everything by a negative identity, economic and social policy. Think about it.“

With the success of the technology, the dangers posed by their growth, however. It is essential to be be aware of this danger, the bring any new technology to be aware of:

“You want to Scam a Consumer, you want to not Fund criminal enterprises, and you don’t want to make terrorists certainly easier to carry out serious attacks,”

continued Clinton. Blockchain 101.

The future of money

Unlike Clinton, Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is sitting, despite his involvement in the Panama-Papers-Affair – to the Levers of Power. And is not tired to emphasize, that he would like to upgrade the small island Block-island. Prior to the 47. UN General Assembly under the dash of Muscat on the 27. September Malta’s pioneering role in matters of crypto-regulation:

“I passionately believe that technology is revolutionizing the systems and improves. Therefore, we have established ourselves on Malta as a Blockchain-island. As the world’s first jurisdiction that regulates this new technology, which previously existed in a legal vacuum. Blockchain makes crypto-currencies to the inevitable future of money. Their transparency allows it to distinguish the good shops from bad shops.“

Usual bullish tones from the acting Prime Minister.

Poll: Bitcoin price in 2019 at US $ 15,000

Bullisher even as private investors, the Fund entered surveyed financial institutions see the future of Bitcoin. The market and opinion researchers from 24 institutions and 7.320 Twitter Followers asked for your predictions for Bitcoin & co. Both groups believe the Central banks for the most important macroeconomic factor for the fate of the crypto-currencies. There is less Agreement on the question of whether their prices will go up in the event of a recession or decline. Here are the institutions confidence showed as the Twitteratis: 72 percent of the institutions see rate increases as a result of a recession, only 59% of Twitter respondents share this opinion.

A majority of institutions see the Bitcoin until the end of 2019 at a rate of at least 15,000 US dollars. 57 percent represented this rather bullish forecast for the Twitteratis half believes, with 40 per cent not even to such growth. The Twitter seems to be Community to the Ripple-hopper: 46 percent believe that the Bankencoin XRP will do in the coming year, the best Performance.

Regulatory uncertainty is perceived by the institutions, however, as the largest Negative catalyst for the crypto-Space. Here are all the looks on the American stock exchange Supervisory authority SEC, which has been around for quite some time, what is the Status of crypto-currencies rest and whether products such as exchange-traded Bitcoin Fund (Bitcoin ETFs) are allowed or not.

Elon Musk: Creative, but careless

Tesla-founder and Marketing expert Elon Musk has, however, plucking up his own chicken with the SEC. This took place, it is in fact not funny, and as a Musk in August on Twitter so ogled, to take Tesla out of the stock market – at a price that was far above the of the Tesla shares. The U.S. securities and exchange Commission under Musk responded, “to spread false and misleading statements”. It was not in the case of a complaint: a Whopping 20 million US Dollar fine to pay Musk for his Tweet. His Position as Chairman of the Board at Tesla have to give up Musk for the next three years. But that was not enough, the Tesla group has to pay 20 million dollars – and in addition to changes to its Governance review. The decision is still pending in the court of competent jurisdiction confirms.

The severe penalties were Musk on Twitter – where else – be creative:

“I just wanted to [say] that the short-eller-Enrichment Commission carried out a fantastic job. And change the name: direct hit!“

In his Rage Musk has even forgotten a Verb. A fact that he later referred to himself as “inexcusable”. Critics and Tesla Fans, Hodler and short eller were, by and Large, agree that Musk is not, it is forfeit with the SEC. He should focus instead on its many ambitious projects. A User is advised Musk to treat yourself to a holiday. The price of Tesla shares fell in the hours after Musks discharge to about two percent.

Ripple = Microsoft

Of falling prices, can’t complain Ripple currently. The XRP-Token, with which the company is , of course, nothing to do, with a month plus of currently the 90 percent full in the juice. Accordingly, this has prompted some observers to exuberant reactions . Phillip Nunn, in his capacity of CEO of the Blackmore Group, has carried to the following statement:

“I was never a supporter of Ripple and XRP. But Boy, to make serious progress. Since you’re the flag – bearer of the crypto and Blockchain movement, are the problems I have with your offer, aside for the moment. You will be the Microsoft for the crypto.“

Then the moon trip can begin. The obligatory rocket has already added the user name of the Blackmore-heads.

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