Doctors Without Borders may be refugees, not more help on Nauru

The government of Nauru, where Australia boat people leave to absorb;, Doctors Without Borders ordered to withdraw from a center for mental health for refugees and residents.

“The government of Nauru has Doctors Without Borders let them know that they are no longer our services and has asked to work within 24 hours to stop,” says a spokesman for Doctors Without Borders in a press release Saturday night sent.

The tiny republic of Nauru, the smallest island nation in the world, located northeast of Australia, is regulated under heavy fire for the poor living conditions of refugees, including children. The refugees and migrants who stay there have all but a limited access to care. The medical services are overwhelmed because many have mental problems.

‘Extremely worried about the consequences of decision’

Ngo’s cards for years in the harsh Australian migration policy. Since 2013 will send the country all the boats with refugees that the country is trying to reach back to open water, in the direction of Indonesia. The asylum applications of other boat people are ultimately treated in shelters on several small islands in the surrounding regions. The refugees often come from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and the Middle East.

Doctors Without Borders says ‘extremely concerned’ about the consequences of the decision of the republic of Nauru for the health of the patients. The ngo calls on Nauru to them their work to do. Doctors Without Borders since the end of 2017 active on the island.

Almost a thousand migrants, among whom a hundred children, currently reside in one of the camps on Nauru, with a population of 11,000 inhabitants. There is already talk of abuse and mistreatment of the people in those camps.

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