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Darknet marketplaces sell hacked Facebook Accounts from US $ 4 in Bitcoin

Several Darknet marketplaces currently offer any amount of chopped fresh Facebook Accounts that are from apparently the Hack, the on 28. September went by, the media. The providers charge per Account between four and 13 US dollars. Paid with the pseudonyms crypto Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash currencies.

On Tuesday, the 25. September 2018, discovered by employees of Facebook a previously unknown vulnerability. The unknown hackers took advantage of a feature that you could let the own profile from the point of view of third parties ads. The Bug allowed unauthorized Copying of the Token to the respective Accounts, what should be done in about 50 million cases. Theoretically, the attacker had thus, without a password, the access rights to all Accounts. The problem is not covered but only the “social network” itself. To the barrier of countless Token, cyber criminals were able to register by means of the stolen keys from somewhere else. Many Internet portals make use of the so-called Facebook Login. But Facebook is vulnerable, you can sign up, consequently, also on the sides under a false flag, use the Facebook Login to identify the User.

Facebook: total value of all hacked Accounts up to 541 million euros

According to the British News portal “The Independent” are now the first account in the Darknet appeared. So currently offered in the illegal Online Store “Dream Market” Facebook Accounts from 4,16 dollars (3,61 euros). Other dealers that distribute their goods worldwide, demand 12,48 US $ per Account. A rate of 10,82 euros. All the copied records would have theoretically a total value of up to 541 million euros, if the hackers managed should be the data of all of the affected additions to tap. The “Dream Market” there is a trust System (TH), in professional circles Escrow, which will protect the buyer against fraud.

However, the Dream-Market operators in the options for payment of illegal goods and less on data protection. There is only one payment by Bitcoin, or Bitcoin is allowed Cash. The public Blockchain of both crypto will allow currencies, however, all the investigators to follow the money trail, at least until the Online trading place of the transmitter and receiver. Like information, act joyfully in the case of letters rogatory, of course, is again on another sheet of paper.

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