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Brawl outside the ring may tail: federation threatens premium and world title from Khabib

According to UFC president Dana White would be Khabib Nurmagomedov are lichtgewichttitel in the MMA may be able to lose. The Rus went through the ribbon immediately after his camp against Conor McGregor had won: Khabib jumped out of the ring and targeted the jiu-jitsu coach of his Irish opponent with his fists. Some entourageleden of the Russian, who then McGregor attacked, are currently in the cell.

The incident happened just after McGregor, the party had lost. Winner Nurmagomedov threw his mouthpiece away in the direction of McGregors entourage and started toward them screaming. The Rus was held in check by security, but who could ultimately not prevent the audience in jump to Dillon Danis, the jiu jitse-trainer of Conor McGregor, to attack. Also Nurmagomedovs team members showed their worst side by McGregor. The Notorious got two punches on the back of my mind, but could the other shots to dodge. McGregor would be the arena and then immediately leave, because he came along at the press conference. His attackers were arrested.

Winner Khabib was, however, present at the press conference and apologized for his behavior, but took at the same time also McGregor under fire. “I want to apologize. This is not my best side I show. But he (McGregor, ed.) insulted my religion, my father, he attacked the bus I was on (referring to an incident from april, ed.) and killed almost a few people. Why is there now talk about my jump out of the cage? I just don’t get that, ” says Khabib.

‘A study will be started”, said president Dana White immediately after the camp. In the meantime, seems to be the winner, Khabib in the problems. He received a premium of € 1.7 million have not yet, while McGregor his already received it. ‘There can be heavy fines will be given. This has never happened and should never happen’, White. In principle, the commission has the power to order the victory of The Eagle – and thus the world title – to take off.

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