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Artwork Banksy destroys itself after a bid of million euros

The guests of the auction house Sotheby’s in London knew not what they saw, when a painting of Banksy suddenly itself began to shred. There was just 1.1 million euros on the famous painting of ‘Girl with Balloon’. “We are just geBanksyd’, says the managing director of Sotheby’s.

Numerous art lovers gathered around the painting of ‘Girl with Balloon’ in the hope of a glimpse can be caught of the work, and maybe even a bid to be able to do. The Financial Times estimated the value to 200.000 à 300.000 euros, but so many people wanted to have that eventually almost 1.1 million euros was provided.

But that was outside of Banksy, himself included. As soon as there is a telephone bid was accepted by the auction house Sotheby’s, it turned out that the quirky artist otherwise thought. Suddenly dropped the cloth and fragmented part of the painting. To the great surprise of all present. Later it turned out that there is a device in the list was hidden, that triggered was to the canvas to destroy.

Worth more?

“We are just geBanksyd,” says Alex Branczik, the European director of Sotheby’s contemporary art. “We have never before experienced and are trying to figure out what the auction means.’ Because the work is now of course piece. All is that according to some art experts are not so bad, because the fabric strips may still be worth more by the action of Banksy. Whether the buyer agrees, is not yet published. ‘About that, we are still in conversation. The buyer is as surprised as we are,’ said Branczik.

Banksy is known for his provocative anonymous actions. He became known as a street artist by his unannounced humorous, haunting, politically tinged work.

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