Victory for Trump: Senate appoints chief judge Kavanaugh

The controversial Brett Kavanaugh is still appointed as a judge in the U.s. Supreme court. The Senate approved his appointment Saturday night after a tumultuous mood. American president Donald Trump responded very satisfied.

After an FBI investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct against judge Brett Kavanaugh ruled the Senate Friday that there is a vote could be passed over his candidacy. For a vote could be had there, however, still have 30 hours of debate. The senators went the whole night through as soon as possible to a vote to proceed.

The mood was interrupted by opponents from the grandstand their discontent loudly expressed, but eventually got Kavanaugh with 50 against 48 votes still have the support of enough senators to take his place as chief judge for the life to be insured. He is Sunday already ingezworen.

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Hundreds of supporters and opponents of the court were to Capitol Hill in Washington pulled to argue. Opponents held signs up that ‘believe the women’ and ‘he lied under oath’ was written. The police picked up dozens of activists on after the barricades were broken.

Conservative dominance gebetonneerd

“We are very honored that he is the terrible, terrible attack of the Democrats has endured, referred to a president Trump after the vote to the criticism of Kavanaugh. For Trump means the appointment of a candidate as a major political victory. Not only he manages to the conservative domination in the Supreme court to secure, it also means a boost in the run-up to the mid-term losses.

Kavanaugh was by several women of sexual misconduct during his years as a student accused. Professor Christine Blasey Ford testified even in detail for the senate, but Kavanaugh went in the counter attack, and kept denying. Even before the stories of sexual misconduct emerged, were the Democrats all opposed the appointment of Kavanaugh, who fear that the conservative right will ensure that abortion-, lgbt and migrants ‘ rights rolled back will be.

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