Twenty dead in accident with a limousine in USA

An accident with a fully loaded limousine has Saturday twenty victims made in the USA.

The collision took place at an intersection that is known as dangerous. The limousine service was, according to local media on the way to a reception when the driver lost control during a descent. At a high speed was the vehicle in a neighboring parking lot, where several casualties. There was also a second vehicle involved.

The police are investigating the circumstances of the accident, and keep later in the day, a press conference to give more information.

In an interview with The New York Times describes the manager of the store where the car park several casualties – how the limousine with nearly one hundred kilometers per hour from the ramp. “I just want the scene not describe. It is not something that I want to think.”

According to local media, the accident of Saturday, the deadliest accident in the region since 2005, when a shipping accident on Lake George twenty people were killed.

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