Twan Huys is doing even worse than Humberto Tan

The descending line at RTL Late Night with Twan Huys is clearly visible, as is apparent from the figures of the Foundation for sight examination. They scored the first four weeks an average of, respectively, 533.000, 682.000, 463.000 and 424.000 viewers, this week continued the average stitches on 345.000 viewers.

Reason for Mediacourant to have a poll to keep. It turns out that a whopping 78 percent of the readers think that after this season is over and out for Twan Huys.

RTL-director Sven Sauvé showed this week at the AD to know that the transmitter is still in the program believe. “I am convinced that in the long term we are going to grow and we really have to go to very good ratings. The exchanges now, but that’s part of it. There will be no question of hasty decisions.”

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