Today writes Studio 100 history with 40-45

Sunday, spectacle-musical 40-45 premiered in Puurs, and that nearly 20 months after the Studio 100 announced that this great spectacle of the premiere would go. The people who have the try-outs have attended have been full of praise about what they were to see. 40-45 is the largest and probably the best we ever had in our country have seen. 40-45 plays for sure until the end of march 2019 and the chances that there are still more renewals to come.

Studio 100 has built a pop-uptheater close to the junction of the A12 and the N16 Again and there was the past few months hard at work on a new hall in which 40-45 will be shown. Sunday there are two premieres, each with a different hoofdcast. Studio 100 receives more than 3,000 guests at the premiere, including about 100 known Flemish people. Without doubt, Hans Bourlon, Gert Verhulst and Anja Vanmeensel, the big bosses of Studio 100, be proud of what their team over the past two years achieved. We were all under the impression of the limited persvisie and are curious to to see more.

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