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STVV only in extremis over nine players from Mouscron

The Canaries were holding the three points at home against Moeskroen. Thanks to Yohan Boli and strafschopdoelpunten of Jordan Botaka and Dachi Kamada sent STVV les Hurlus with empty hands back to Hainaut. Mouscron finished the match with nine man after red cards for Franck Boya and Noe Dussenne.

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The successful games, to score a goal against AA Gent and Antwerp remained no longer without consequence for Dachi Kamada. The Japanese sensation of the Canaries was against Mouscron rewarded with a first move. The visitors chose Bernd Stock for the Haitian attacker Frantzy Pierrot to the red lantern to score goals to help. With just three hits in nine parties that there is a clear the shoe of les Hurlus.

After a long study tour, came the first warning of the home team right from the dot. After a wrong tackle by Dimitri Mohamed Yohan Boli be the very young referee Kevin Van Damme to the dot. Jordan Botaka put his second team credentials and stay up of the season flawlessly: 1-0. Then the light went on for a handful of minutes when Franck Boya. The Cameroonian defender got twice wrong a Canary down and Van Damme sent him without hesitation of the Truiense turf. Those who thought that STVV now on roses sat with eleven against ten was cheated out of. Just before the break it was Bruno Godeau alert after a header from Dussenne to the equalizer, in addition to Kenny Steppe within tapping: 1-1. Casper De Norre came again, right on Jean Butez.

In the second half, there was not immediate improvement is noticeable. A lot of effort along both sides, but the pace dropped noticeably. With ten against eleven come the best opportunities to the visitors. The broken Pierrot took aim next to the farthest pole. After more than an hour of play decided Brys to intervene with the contribution of Wataru Endo and Jonathan Legear, co-Storck did this with the Genk mercenary Manuel Benson. Brought this to make a difference to more than one point from the fire to drag? Boli did it already from offside. The pressure from the Canaries took in the slotkwartier, but Asia continued to lie in wait on the counterattack. Captain Botaka was thrown backward sprints as well to Pierrot the score to prevent. Five minutes before time exploded Stayen than the first time. Boli nodded of there within: 2-1. The debate was definitively settled in favor of the Canaries. After the intervention of the VAR explained to referee van Damme the ball a second time on the dot. The violation of Dussenne was with a second yellow card be punished. Mouscron ended the match with nine men. The men of Brys heaved a sigh of relief: no unnecessary loss of points against the red lantern.

STVV are doing a good thing with the late three pointer. The Canaries with 17 points on a provisional shared fourth place, les Hurlus continue to last with four points.

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