Spouse Tineke de Nooij died

Spouse Tineke de Nooij died

The picture of Tineke de Nooij shared of her with her husband Peter IJkelenstam

That has they tonight via Facebook published.

“My dear Godfather, there is no more”, she writes, ” I can’t believe that he is no longer there. Around 17.00 hours I was called with the announcement that it is suddenly very bad with him. (…) I went to the home and saw two anxious nurses above his bed hang. I saw it also, went next door to sit in, grabbed his hand and three hours later, I was still so. You could see, this was a miracle case.”

Tina calls her husband ” the love of my life.” And she says: “It is good to hear guys, that this has happened. It has long time that he couldn’t, he also didn’t want more, so it is really so good, we have peace, but it is so…. Yes, hard.”

The radio and tv presenter married ex-surgeon IJkelenstam in 1991, on her fiftieth birthday, in a special broadcast of her afternoon program live on television.

The two spent ten years of their marriage in South Africa.

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