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Prysmatic Labs released Ethereum 2.0 Prysm Demo v0.0.0

Prysmatic Labs, a Team of Blockchain-engineers, Ethereum 2.0 Prysm Demo v0.0.0 published. The Team announced the release of the first demo version of the Ethereum 2.0 Shasper [Sharding plus Casper] project Prysm. In a media report, Raul Jordan, Blockchain developer, and Prysmatic Labs developer explains briefly its functions.

The Medium post was:

We are proud of our first Version of Prysm, v0.0.To publish to 0. You will serve as a building block for all future versions, if we go productive. We want to show the Community that we have a project in which we have invested, we think carefully and make decisions that hopefully a Standard for future ETH2.0 developments.

Details of the Release

Raul Jordan explained that this Version with the intention of v0.0.0.0 and not v0.0.1, because there is still much to do. For example, the processing of Phase 0 of Shasper, and much more. This Version has a basic Beacon-Chain+Validator-Demo, which can perform different tasks. The Following are some of the most important tasks are listed below:

Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin tweeted:

I’m curious to test prylabs first PoC

However, there are also some things that this Version does not include:

How can you start the Demo?

This latest Version, v0.0.0.0, as a local demonstration, a user can run a Beacon Chain Node and a Validator Client. A Beacon Chain can be started with the Genesis Block. After that, it can be used as a Validator Client using a public Key associated, and with each cycle over the Beacon block, propose and vote.

Raul further stated that

Also, if you create in the Demo, due to its activity as a Validator, authorized blocks, you will find that with these blocks, not much can be done until the true state of execution comes into play. This Beacon Chain Node+Validator-Client System is, however, a critical consensus, and an important coordination for all the on Ethereum 2.0 stakeholders and will serve as the basis for a full-fledged Sharding System.

What are the next steps for Prysmatic Labs?

The article in the media also explained the future Roadmap. The Team is currently focusing next to the Rest of the implementation teams of the customer on various other things. The developers also want to work more on the random generation and signature aggregation in the Beacon Node and the validator rotation. According to your information this is the Phase 0-1 of the Ethereum 2.0-Roadmap, since the implementation of the Sharding Status will only be carried out in phases 1 and 2. In preparation for devcon, they will focus a lot more on this current Version, and some of the important additional features they left out initially.

In June 2018, ETH-Creator Vitalik Buterin had said that Ethereum will soon reach 1 Million transactions per second. He had also said that the Ethereum network will be with the help of Second-Layer solutions such as Sharding and Plasma will be able to process 1 Million transactions per second. Prysmatic Labs developed a full-fledged Sharding-Client that allows the System to process transactions with more than 10x – 100x its current speed!

Buterin at the time had declared that Second-Layer-scaling solutions, which are currently being tested on the Ethereum test network, the Ethereum-a Blockchain System could be put in the position to support large-scale distributed applications with large customers through a creative strategy to improve the Blockchain. He had further stated that, if the speed of x100 from the Sharding and the x100 increases from the Plasma, these two, taken together, basically a x10.000 scaling gain. These Considerations show that Blockchains are powerful enough, all the previously known cases of application to cover the people try to do with them.

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