Party leader D66 occurs after 12 years off

Alexander Pechtold resigns as party leader of the Dutch social-liberal party D66 and departs also from the Second Room. He has published on a congress of the party in Den Bosch. “It is time for new leadership.’

Pechtold was in 2006 party leader and achieved then success after success. But after the decision to the third government-Rutte to steps, it went less well with the party. In the polls loses D66’s seats and there was internal criticism. Also on a personal level, was Announced not for the wind. A love affair with a partijgenote was wide spread in the Dutch press.

“Today it ends. Here at our congress in Den Bosch I step off the stage’, as announced Announced Saturday his departure. ‘After 12.5 years, I make as party leader the balance and I conclude: I have given everything, we have everything taken out. It is time for new leadership.’

D66 is in the Netherlands a government with the VVD, CDA and the Christianunion. Premier Mark Rutte (VVD) mentions the departure of Iran as chairman of the parliamentary party ” a great loss for his party and for the Dutch politics’. Rutte says he is ‘personally very will miss out’. Rutte called Iran ‘an excellent debater, who loves the political craft’, ‘a passionate defender of democracy’ and ‘someone with whom you always can do business’.

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