Kavanaugh ingezworen, America remains divided behind

Brett Kavanaugh has Saturday the oath taken before the Supreme court in Washington. That happened a few hours after the Senate the green light had been for his controversial appointment. Also on the Supreme court were Saturday night a few hundred people show to protest.

The U.s. Senate has Brett Kavanaugh Saturday appointed judge at the U.s. Supreme court. As expected, voted 50 senators for and 48 senators against the appointment of Kavanaugh.

Among the Republicans, only senator of Alaska Lisa Murkowski, while all Democrats voted against the resolution, except Joe Manchin from West Virginia, who re-elected wants to be in a state that Trump in 2016 has won. The mood was very noisy and had to be repeatedly interrupted by jeers from the publiekstribunes.

For the Democratic majority leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, is the appointment of Kavanaugh ” one of the treurigste moments from the history of the U.s. Senate. The Republican Mitch McConnell, expressed that Kavanaugh to the best of what America has to offer.

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President Donald Trump has, after the vote taken to Murkowski and called her ‘a disgrace’. “I think this is a very, very regrettable voice was. I think, honestly, that’s a shame, ” she said in a telephone interview with Fox News. “I have done so much for Alaska. I was shocked when I her voice, saw. It is a sad day for her, because Kavanaugh is still appointed as a judge of the Supreme court.’

Manchin got to Trump a thank-you note.

Trump used the appointment of Kavanaugh also on a verkiezingsmeeting Saturday night in Kansas. The president labeled the appointment as ” truly a historic evening’ and ‘an incredible victory’.

The vote proves, according to him, also why the Americans on the 6th of november, at the mid-term elections, not the Democrats are allowed to vote. ‘You give no matches to an arsonist, and you give no power to a wicked, left-wing crowd, ” says the president. “The Democrats are too extreme and become too dangerous to govern.’

Turning to the right

With the appointment of Kavanaugh have the conservatives again have a majority in the Supreme court, with five versus four liberals. The appointment of a judge to the Supreme court is an appointment for life. The 53-year-old Kavanaugh is very controversial, because he by several women of sexually objectionable behavior is accused.

Inside and outside the Senate was there Saturday violently protested against the appointment, and also in New York, hundreds of people came on the street. When the protests were, according to the police and 164 people were arrested.

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