Jeroen Perceval brings the head of Marie Vinck on hol

In Tabula Rasa, he played the love of Veerle Baetens, in 13 Commandments, he seems well on the way to that of Marie Vinck. Jeroen Perceval (D’Ardennes, Bullhead, Paradise Trips, The Day, Patser,…) is not bad.

In the previous episode – viewed by 654.335 people (live +3), good for a share of 32,3% (VVA 18-54) – did he enter, when Vicky (Marie Vinck) him, so to speak, coincidentally, at the café got to know. However, nothing is less true. Actually schaduwde the man, after a unknown file doorpluisde that nothing more with her work at the Federal police. On Monday 8 October, looking for Vicky him at home, to Felix’s (Jeroen Perceval) great surprise, because how did they live? Vicky tells him that their meeting is not accidental. Something Felix completely misinterpret…

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