’James Bond as a woman is never going to happen’

Broccoli, head of EON Productions the James bond movies since years, and produces, says that Bond is always a man will remain. “He is a male character. He was like a man written and I think he is probably a man, will remain.”

“And that’s fine,” she continues. “We don’t need no male characters in women change. Let’s just make more female characters come up and the story to match those female characters,” says the 58-year-old Broccoli.

She indicates that the world-famous secret agent and his time has gone. The films “are much more up to date in the way in which against women is perceived.” However, says Broccoli that she would like if ever a woman in a bond film is directing. But at the same time, she gives that James Bond in the 50s, it is written and that a part of his DNA will never change.

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