J. K. Rowling suspected the BBC of leaking pseudonym

The British broadcaster wanted to in 2013 on television, pay attention to the praise received debut from Galbraith, but that was not without its identity to reveal, according to J. K, which is therefore thought that the BBC may further research had been done. “I thought it was via the BBC leaked or was that someone with the broadcaster it had discovered. The BBC approached Robert without knowing that I was, which put me in a difficult position brought.”

Eventually turned out to be a lawyer the secret to the outside. He told the confidential information to a friend of his wife, who in her turn to a befriended journalist from The Sunday Times passed.

“I still find it sad that it is gone,” says J. K. “I had hoped that I at least three of the books could write without being unmasked.”

Under the pseudonym of J. K. Rowling by now four detectives released.

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