Huwelijksreferendum in Romania attracts too few people

Insufficient Romanians have cast their vote in the referendum on the traditional character of marriage. Therefore, there is no valid result.

A two-day long referendum, with the aim of the Romanian constitution to be amended so that same-sex couples do not would have the right to marry, has failed. At the exit of the ballot boxes was but 20.4 percent of the population come to vote. There had to be at least 30 percent to be achieved for the results to validate it.

Currently, the Romanian constitution genderneutraal about the marriage. That is defined as a bond between two spouses. But the conservative camp wanted that description to adjust so that marriage is explicitly a link between a man and a woman.

Purpose was to it in the future to make it impossible for a marriage between persons of the same sex. The proposal received wide support from conservative politicians and the church.

In legal terms, there would with a agreement is not something immediately changed. The legislation in Romania allow same-sex marriages currently are not. Opponents called it an unnecessary referendum that the homophobia and threatened to feed.

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