Herman Finkers: ’Humour is always funny!’

The intensive shooting days in the castle of the German town of Bad Bentheim are a heavy burden to Herman Finkers.

It is, láng, eerily silent around comedian HERMAN FINKERS. After his enthusiastically received year-old conference, which he 2015 closed, has the public with him in a single tv performance in DWDD after hardly seen. Earlier this year, brother WILFRIED FINKERS, (61), who spent years on the stage his friend was hinting that he lives with the day, that Herman’s disease chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is a heavy burden on him and draw a ditto toll: the calendar will also remain empty.

New shows are there, that much is clear, not more. But the public will still have a time to be Herman Finkers, can giggling. The next year, however, not to the theatre, but to the cinema!

The are currently long and tiring days for the comedian, on the set of his ’own’ movie with the typical Finkers-title The bones of St. Hildegard.

Self edited Herman the of Czech origin script of PAVEL MAREK, after he was asked for the lead role. And now he puts everything on the line to transfer the images to a good end. Days, with a break in between, are still scheduled to in december. Next autumn should the Dutch film, a retelling of the original story, in premiere.

“Personally, he adapted the script: ’There was so little to laugh at in that!’”

“It’s about a man who after thirty years of marriage slowly realised that he in his wife under the paste”, says Herman. “The marriage has but little perspective. I have the scenario in three months ‘ time, quite adapted. I found that there is so little humor in it, while that is yet so beautiful it is… humor. In retrospect, I that is best done quickly, I found the original story really boring.”

These days, the paper added humor to life, now the recordings have started.

With director Johan Nijenhuis watch Herman Finkers filming of ’The bones of St. Hildegard’..

PRIVATE find Herman the German in Bad Bentheim, just over the border, on the film set. The images are a heavy burden. But it is, in the old castle above the town towers, amazing how Herman Finkers can hold and with director and streekgenoot JOHAN NIJENHUIS (50) confer, his scenes look back and decide whether that’s good or still a must-have.

Nijenhuis, who previously scored with Costa!, Full moon, in Love with Ibiza and The Tuscan wedding, take the after tv series Of young leu en oale groond, also with Finkers, now for the first time on a film that is completely in Twents is spoken, and for the rest of the Netherlands will be subtitled.

JOHANNA TER STEEGE (57) and LEONIE TER BRAAK (38), both derived from this region, to play the other roles.


“It is tiring, yes, and I’m already so tired,” says Herman. “Especially the wait between shots is me sometimes heavy, but occasionally I can my rest address. Then I look somewhere in a quiet corner. It is wonderful working with Johan. Here in the vicinity of Bad Bentheim, we go running in a huge quarry, but the great happiness is that most of the scenes just in my own neighborhood to be included, not even far from my house even.’

Anyway, the long, busy and tiring day for him. In addition, on his shoulders a heavy responsibility. With the production of the film are the millions of euros involved and a kink in the cable cost anyway money.

“Occasionally I can my rest packs, then I find a quiet corner on”

The lightness with which Herman earlier, also in the performances, about his illness and even death spoke, after eighteen years, cancer is still not made place for a different tone. The death fear, he is not, though that is getting closer and closer. And his illness doesn’t stop him from once again something great to do, a film with which the Netherlands has at least one time to make him laugh. Funnily enough, just as when he recently heard had got what he desired, and he thereon, in the hilarious conference ‘bad news conversation’, noted: “Cancer, doctor? Which is weird, I’ve never had cancer.”

The form which, in 2000, he appeared to be suffering, was not acute and was even ‘mild’ – where he, himself, some remarks on set: “It is not a cure and you go there is death, what is mild?”

In any case, it would mean that he is not very old would be: “The third stage of life can thus be omitted. In one fell swoop, is the last stage and it is suddenly evening. But yes, they did so in the sky idea.”

Lady chapel

The believer comedian, at home in the Twente countryside, even a lady chapel in his manor mounted, did not out of the field for storage. In the beginning, he had forty shows to cancel, but he came back with a beautiful, uplifting year-old conference for more than three million viewers, the highlight being.

And now, there is still that movie.

Or this project is the last thing he assumes, then he wants in Bad Bentheim, not to anticipate. Provisionally gives Herman his wife HETTY, a nice hug and kiss, as he himself for a long and gruelling filming to the film set. Before that, he has all of the lyrics have to learn for the scenes that are on the schedule. Two more months will it take before everything is in it.

Herman: “I’m lucky that I live near any of the locations where we will be filming. I hope that the people next year in the cinema quite a lot of fun with this movie experience will be.”

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