Golden Calf award for ‘Banker of the Resistance’, also the Calf for Wim Opbrouck

The Dutch war film ‘Banker of the Resistance’ Friday-night the Golden Calf for best film won. In total won the war drama, five of the thirteen Calves, for which the drama from director Joram Lürsen was nominated. The film won the Calves for best film, best actor (Jacob Derwig), best female supporting role (Fockeline Ouwekerk), best production design and the audience award for best film. The Golden Calves, the “Dutch Oscars”. Among the winners of a Calf, also a Fleming: Wim Opbrouck was awarded as the best male bijrolspeler for his role in the movie ‘Cobain’ by Nanouk Leopold. That movie is not about the late singer of Nirvana, but about a 15-year-old girl with that name, and that her pregnant mother tries to convince her self-destructive lifestyle.

‘Banker of the Resistance” tells of the brothers Of the Hall (Barry Atsma and Jacob Dewig) in the Second world War, the Dutch resistance funded. The film is pulled in cinemas over 400,000 visitors.

The Calf, for best actress went to Maria Kraakman for her starring role in the drama ‘In Blue’. That film from director Jaap van Heusden, has won a total of three Calves. The film also went with the prizes for best director and best scenario at home.

Filmmaker Wouter van Luijn, in July, violence to life came during a vacation on Mallorca, has posthumously a Golden Calf won. He received his award for his editing in the drama WE.

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