Gerard Joling, in the last Neighbor, what do you do now?

Monday you can One watch the last episode of Neighbor, what do you do now? of this season. In the episode, get Gerard Joling visit of Cath Luyten.

“As a child, I wanted to already be known”
Gerard Joling is now 58 and has been for almost 40 years active in the world of showbiz. His big breakthrough came in 1985 when he participated in the Soundmixshow by Henny Huisman. He won’t, but I had to on with his high voice. Same year stormed he the charts in the Netherlands and Flanders with “Love is in your eyes” and ” Ticket to the tropics’. Cath met Joling during a tv recording, because Gerard is now not only a celebrated singer, but also a seasoned television presenter. “As a child, I wanted to already be known, that my mother testify. But I had no plan.”

After two tv assignments, take Gerard to Cath it to his mother. They saw in the mid 80’s the girls camping for the front door in the hope to catch a glimpse of her son. But both the girls if mom and dad knew it was not that Gerard men fell. “My father was very ill. It was not the time for my orientation to confess.”

Gerard is in everything assisted by his manager, Wino, who is 34 years guides. They even had, for 13 years a love affair, but that ended badly. Wino: “Gerard was often strange and was not on a chain. He was a loopse dog.”

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