Felix Meurders: unclear why I had to leave

“The BNNVARA-director who has become to Talpa is gone, told me that I on 1 January. The reason was me not completely clear. He hid behind the story that the heads of the NPO’s renewal wanted. But exactly how it is, you’ll never be behind,” says the 72-year-old Meurders in an interview with the HDC-newspapers.

“I asked the director: how can I get my friends to explain why I soon need to stop? What should I say? Then continued to the 35 seconds of silence. Then he said that he found it difficult to answer that question. Then went the story in the direction of the NPO. In the meantime, BNNVARA a long time to find a successor for me, but I heard that that’s still not bad,” said Meurders. According to him, it seemed that the NPO wanted to rejuvenate and that he therefore had to leave.


The storm of criticism on the decision surprised Meurders, 24 years the voice of Nails with Heads. “I thought that the audience mostly listened because of Dolf, but it’s also the chemistry between us that listeners appreciate.”

The NPO and BNNVARA came later on their decision to return. Meurders should the Radio 2 programme, provisionally continue to present. Sunday is the thirtieth anniversary of the show celebrated.

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