Controversy over Jewish department of AfD

The radical right-wing German party Alternative für Deutschland has its own Jewish section was established. Who fights ” the mass-immigration of Muslim men with anti-semitic views.”

There have been about twenty party members in the group connected. As became known today in the international media. Last week, said Dimitri Schulz, one of the founding members, at the German press agency DPA that ” AfD is the only party in Germany is that of anti-semitism by muslims, is a subject without trivialiseren’.

About 250 people came on the streets in Frankfurt against the establishment to protest. “The AfD is not kosher’, it fell on one of the signs read. The Jewish student association called on to participate in the demonstration.

Jewish organizations and leaders have in recent days been critical comments about the initiative. According to news agency DPA described Meron Mendel, the director of the Anne Frank centre of environmental education, the establishment of ‘a PR-stunt by radical-right’.

Seventeen Jewish organizations have been a message sent out to describe how AfD is a party which anti-semitism and the denial of the Shoah have a place’.

AfD-head Alexander Gauland described for the summer, the era under the nazis as ‘just a speck of bird droppings in thousands of years of successful German-German history’. Members of his party are also all linked to neo-nazis and xenophobic comment.

Against the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung showed a spokesman of AfD know that members who are anti-semitic statements do, have no place within the party.

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