Cameroon go to the polls: president Biya, as well as ensure renewal of mandate

The Kameroeners choose Sunday as their president. Despite a particularly bloody crisis in the English-Speaking regions of the country, current president Paul Biya not fear a defeat.

The towering corruption speaks neither in Biya’s favour, but it seems that there is a repetition comes from the elections of 2011. Biya took more than 75 percent of the votes. A re-election will, however, not immediately restore calm to the troubled regions, fear observers.

Because he is the country for 35 years with a firm hand leads, offers Biya about a big advantage on his opponents: he checks, among other things, the security apparatus, the commission that the elections should organize and the media. In addition, there is still the possibility that there is cheating with the results, if he is still not out as the winner.

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