Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck regrets

Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck state this weekend in one of the attachments of The Newspaper. The newspaper has this weekend an special on transgender people, and in it may Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck, of course, are not missing. At the beginning of this year did Bo her coming-out, and that was quite an intense process. The months beforehand were quite exciting but also after the coming-out, she made one and the other. In the meantime, we are eight months later and is to Bo happier than ever. Must soon Bo back under the knife and disappears many a long time of the screen. Since she became a man, a lot happened. Several operations were performed, and in the media was everywhere Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck. Next month there is the sex-reassignment surgery and breast reconstruction, and will Bo still more a woman than she already is. Bo is happier than ever, but it was quite violent and complicated. Tell your family that you the big step. Not only your wife but also the children. During the process of woman underwent Bo multiple facial surgeries. One of them went wrong. “My mouth was not right, my eyes did weird. I am still in an eye that does not close completely,” says Bo in The Newspaper. “I now know that the follow, but the black thoughts were again for a moment in all its intensity back.”

The decision that Baldwin, at the time, took was not really evident. He had a tv job, and was regularly on tv. How would his employer react? “I’ve also long scared. I thought: if I get rid of this admit and embrace it fully, go, play I lost everything. My wife, my children, my work. So I tried to hold out. That was also what the few people who knew me recommended: try to find a balance. But in the long run, I found the balance is no more.”

Bo is grateful for all of the positive over the last months happened. “When I say that I am happy, that’s it: the heartwarming comments that I not only from family, friends and colleagues, but also of so many Flemish people have gotten. I had a lot more negative reactions are expected. There are. And they come hard. When the far-right student leader Dries Van Langenhove me a week after my coming-out has been completed in the Matter, I have three quarters of an hour sat crying. But, in general, Flanders is much more tolerant than I had thought.”

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