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Bitcoin Bank Bitwala CEO in the CT Interview: Blockchain-Banking soon in the whole of Europe?

Interview of Bitwala President of Minckwitz with crypto
Jörg von Minckwitz

In a brief Interview with crypto Bitwala President Jörg went

Minckwitz questions about the future of Bitwala, the communication with the German financial supervision and the objectives of the “Blockchain-Bank”. A summary and excerpts from the Interview you read here!

Basically, the word “Blockchain-Bank sounds” a bit confusing at first. We introduced ourselves and, of course, Jörg von Minckwitz, the question of how a Bitcoin Wallet in a Bank at all make sense, finally, this contradicts, however, at first glance, the basic idea of Satoshi Nakamoto. Also within the company Bitwala there was apparently shared opinions and lively discussions, however, came in the sense of the Mainstream adaptation of crypto currencies to a common Belief.

“Our Team is made up of Early Adopters, Bitcoin early on have discovered and experienced FinTech bankers. Of course, we have to have this discussion so the Team in detail. We then came together to the conclusion that Banking will play an important role in the improvement and widening of crypto-currencies. Crypto is on the way to the Mainstream.”

Us crypto interested, of course, the cooperation with BaFin, the German financial supervision. So far it seemed relatively cumbersome, the subject supervisors to the conventional bankers and Financial to make it understandable. From the statements of Minchwitz a positive development here, however, to recognize.

“It has taken a very positive development. Until a year ago was not yet clear how Bitcoin and other crypto currencies would be regulated in Germany, and it was generally restrained – in the meantime, there is more clarity and, often, the desire to bring Germany in terms of Blockchain to the top. The German Supervisory authority shows itself to be responsive to a constructive exchange of views on the topic of crypto-currencies – which we gladly accept. And the results of a forward-looking cooperation with the Supervisory authorities, speak for themselves: Bitwala offers-probably even in the world – the first Blockchain Bank account. So, we are fully regulated and our customers can benefit from advantages, such as the German Deposit insurance up to 100,000 Euro.“

Expansion in Europe and other crypto-currency

After the Bitcoin accounts are now gone live, the question naturally arises, according to the plans for the future, and the long-term objectives of Bitwala. Are planned more crypto accounts? Will come with new products? Also provided by Minckwitz, of course, answers.

“We want to work in 2019, profitable and have a clear strategy, Europe’s Top providers of Blockchain Banking. This means we are expanding throughout Europe and also new products, for example, for companies that offer.” […] Ethereum is Bitcoin likely to be the second crypto-currency we offer.“

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